Obama Admin: Sheer “Coincidence” US took out ISIS Leader 2 Days After Brussels Terror Attacks (Video)

brussels us victims
At least two Americans, New York siblings Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski, were murdered in the Brussels terrorist attacks on Tuesday.

Several more Americans were injured or are still missing after the attack.

But President Obama didn’t let it interfere with this week’s travel plans where he watched a baseball game with Marxist tyrant Raul Castro in Cuba and danced the tango in Argentina.
obama wave tango


Now this…
Tonight On the Record Jennifer Griffin said it was merely a “coincidence” the attack happened this week.

Jennifer Griffin: I’m told that it is merely a coincidence but certainly it’s notable that it took place just 48 hours after the Brussels attack but there had been planning for some time, I’m told.

Do they really expect us to believe this after so many lies?
Via On the Record:

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