Crazy Socialist Bernie Sanders Warns Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “Watch Out, Joe”

Jane Sanders, wife of Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders, visited Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s prisoner tent camp earlier this week.

Sanders warned Sheriff Joe in his speech on Thursday to “watch out” if he becomes president.
bernie sanders

USA Today reported:


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders ripped into Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a rally in northern Arizona on Thursday, after facing criticism from the Clinton campaign for an encounter Sanders’ wife had with the immigration-hardliner sheriff.

The U.S. senator from Vermont said Arpaio’s arrests of undocumented immigrants, often separating families, were “outrageous and unconscionable.”

“It’s easy for bullies like Sheriff Arpaio to pick on people who have no power,” Sanders said. “If I am elected president — the president of the United States does have power. So watch out, Joe.”

The crowd of about 900 erupted in cheers. Another 1,900 people who couldn’t fit in the ballroom at the Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort near Flagstaff listened to Sanders address them from outside the venue. The crowds were estimated by resort officials.

Bernie’s wife Jane visited with Sheriff Joe Arpaio this week.

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