BREAKING=> Protester at Marco Rubio Speech Who Posed as TRUMP SUPPORTER Is a DEMOCRAT PLANT

This is an all-out assault on Donald Trump, people.
He’s getting hit from the left, the far left, Anonymous, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the White House, the liberal media, Ted Cruz and the Republican establishment.

Tonight a heckler interrupted Marco Rubio’s speech in Florida where he suspended his campaign.

Rubio responded: Don’t worry he won’t get beat up at our event.


Conservative Charlie Spiering described him as a Trump supporter.

Bret Baier on FOX News said he was a pro-Trump heckler.

Here’s video of the man being escorted from the Rubio rally.

He’s not with Trump.
He’s a Democrat plant.
He’s been making the rounds at conservative rallies posing as a Trump supporter.

On Tuesday he infiltrated Donald Trump’s rally wearing a Nazi armband.

He’s a far left activist and Hillary supporter.

He’s a Hillary supporter.
hillary plant 2

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