FORMER BUTLER SPEAKS OUT: Donald Trump a Patriot Who Wants to Do What’s Best for Country (VIDEO)

CNN was seeking a gotcha… And missed big time.
trump butler

This was awesome.
And speaks volumes on why DONALD TRUMP is the man….

Former butler Tony Senecal was asked about working for Donald Trump.
Senecal defended Donald Trump in an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello this morning.


Real Clear Politics has the transcript:

“He’s an incredibly generous person. He’s been generous to his employees. He’s generous to strangers. He’s an entirely a nice guy. He’s not the gruff person that people make him out to be. Sure, you attack him, he’s going to fight back. But most of the time he’s just a nice man. I lasted with him for 20 years, he had to be pretty good… Trump as a patriot who wants what is best for the country.

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