The Trump Lexicon — Insulting Trump Supporters from A to Z

Are you a Trumpkin?
Are you one of the millions of Republicans, Independents and Democrats who support Donald Trump?

Then you’ve probably been labeled an a$$hole, idiot or butt cancer by some well-meaning establishment Republican type.

Diana West started this list — The Trump Lexicon
It is a list of all the names you can expect to be called by Cruz or Rubio supporters for your choice in candidates.

What started as the Big Conservative Donald Trump Dictionary is now The Right’s Trump Lexicon.

It is still a work in progress, but I find that it no longer fits inside even the broadest satirical framework, if it ever did; hence, the name change. There is nothing, but nothing, to poke “fun” at here. There is much, however, to poke a stick at.

This is a work in progress

A is for Anal
anal coulter

A is for Ape

  1. “Witless ApeRides Escalator”

— This is the headline for National Review’s very first report by Kevin Williamson on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential run. (See also “P is for Plastic-Surgery-Nightmare Wife,” etc.)

  1. “Turning to Donald Trump to solve the problems in Washington is like turning to an apeto fix a broken refrigerator.”

— Stephen Hayes, Fox News & Weekly Standard (see also “D is for Diarrhea”)

A is for Appalling

“If by now you don’t find Donald Trump appalling, you’re appalling.”

— Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal

A is for Ass/Asshole

“You are so far up Trump’s ass.

Pollster Frank Luntz to Patrick Howley of Breitbart News, whom Luntz also called an “asshole.

B is for Ball Gag
erickson ball gag

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