Disgusting! Erick Erickson: Only Evangelicals ‘Who Don’t Go to Church’ Support Donald Trump (AUDIO)

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Donald Trump with supporter and devout Christian Jerry Falwell Jr. President of Liberty University

Erick Erickson joined St. Louis radio host Mark Reardon on Tuesday to promote his new book. Erickson told Reardon, “I have no intention of ever voting for the guy.”(Trump) This is not the first time Erickson has made that promise. Erick is one of those fair weather conservatives who would rather see Hillary in the White House than Donald Trump.

Erickson: I’m not voting for him. I’ve said not this entire week I’m not going to vote for a liberal who supports Planned Parenthood and supports liberal Socialist-style healthcare. If the choice is between Hillary Clinton and a six figure donor to the Clinton Foundation I’m finding someone else to vote for.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Erick then attacked Evangelical Christians who support Donald Trump.

Let’s take evangelicals for a minute because the media says Christians have the same divorce record as the secular world. Actually, the more you attend church the less you do divorce. In the same way self described evangelicals support Trump. But self-described evangelicals who go to church every week don’t support Trump.

I guess only Cruz supporters are allowed to buy his book, huh?

Here’s the audio.

This tip came from a TGP reader who said this:

Erick was on Mark Reardon’s show on Tuesday. He made the statement that only evangelicals who don’t go to church much, are supporting Trump.
Those who go to church regularly, are all-in for Cruz.
Several in the car with me-we all heard him say it, and agreed he was clearly saying there is a difference between legitimate evangelical believers whose faith compels them to vote for Cruz–
and the fakers who aren’t Christian, and support Trump.

He is so nasty.

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