Ted Cruz Scores Weakest Home State Primary Win in GOP Party History

Ted Cruz won the Lone Star State on Super Tuesday finishing 17 points ahead of second place finisher Donald Trump.
ted cruz

The win was the weakest home state GOP primary victory in Republican Party history.
Smart Politics reported:

Each of the 60 previous Republican presidential candidates who carried their home state did so with a larger percentage of the vote than Cruz; Cruz is one of only six who failed to reach the 50 percent mark.

The Ted Cruz campaign delivered on its promise to win the Texas primary on Tuesday and then exceeded ‘expectations’ by also coming in first place in the neighboring state of Oklahoma and the Alaska caucuses.

With four victories now under his belt, Cruz will attempt to use his comparatively successful electoral track record against the remaining non-Trump candidates (Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Ben Carson) in an attempt to expedite their withdrawal from the race.

To be sure, the Texas U.S. Senator’s victory in his home state – and the most delegate rich state on the primary calendar thus far – was crucial for the Cruz campaign, and avoided an embarrassment that might have pressured him to withdraw after Super Tuesday.

While Cruz escaped that unenviable situation, his victory in Texas is decidedly shy of impressive.

In fact, by one measure, it is the least impressive home state primary victory in party history.

A Smart Politics analysis finds that Ted Cruz’s 43.8 percent showing in Texas marks the lowest support ever recorded by a Republican presidential candidate in a home state victory out of the more than five-dozen campaigns to win their home state since 1912.

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