UNREAL. Obama Meets With Black Lives Matter Hate Group After Supporters Beat and Rob a Hero Marine

Barack Obama met with leaders of the Black Lives Matter anti-cop hate group today.

This comes less than a week after Black Lives Matter supporters knocked out and robbed a hero US Marine in Washington DC.
Christopher Marquez, Marquez via Fox News
Hero Christopher Marquez, the decorated Marine veteran who served in the Iraq war, was hospitalized after doctors found he has a ‘serious head injury’ resulting from an attack last Friday.

Marquez was jumped at a Washington, D.C. McDonald’s located just blocks from the White House by a group of Black men and women who beat, kicked and robbed him after he says they tauntied him with the question, “Do you you believe black lives matter.”


go home deray
DeRay McKesson of Black Lives Matter will attend the meeting. He recently taught a class at Yale on why it’s okay for blacks to loot and he is running for mayor of Baltimore.

Today Barack Obama gave the Black Lives Matter hate group a special meeting in the White House.

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