VIDEO=> Eagles of Death Metal Frontman Jesse Hughes – a Trump Supporter – Says: “Until No One Has Guns, Everyone Should Have One”

jesse hughes
Jesse Hughes – NME

What a powerful testimony.
Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes sat down with a French reporter to talk about the bloody ISIS massacre at the band’s show at the Bataclan in Paris in November. A very emotional Hughes told the interviewer Paris gun laws did not save a single person at the Bataclan:

“I think the only thing in me that changed is that until no one has guns, everyone should have one.”

Ninety people were slaughtered at the Bataclan Concert Hall last November by ISIS terrorists.
isis paris slaughter bataclan
At least two of the terrorists slipped into Europe disguised as refugees.


The band is holding its first concert in Paris this week. Survivors of the attack are expected at the show.

Jesse Hughes is an NRA member, a father, a Catholic and a Trump supporter.

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