Migrant Who Murdered Gay Man and Wrapped Snake Around His Neck Sentenced to 4 Years

In June 2015, a gay man was reportedly murdered by two Muslim migrants in Bergsjon, Sweden.
The Muslim teens wrapped a snake around the victim’s neck after the murder.

The migrant teen claimed the gay man tried to rape him but officials found video of the attack on the teen’s cellphone.

snake murder sweden
Footage: Police claim video was found on the 16-year-old’s mobile phone showing the attack. (Mirror)


The migrant was sentenced this week to just four years in prison for the ghastly murder.
The Local reported, via Religion of Peace:

A teenager who murdered a gay man and wrapped a snake around his neck has been sentenced.

Gothenburg disctrict court on Wednesday sentenced the 16-year-old to four years in a detention centre for juvenile offenders and to pay damages to the relatives of the victim.

After he has served his time the boy, who is understood to be of north African origin and had been sleeping rough in the streets of Sweden, will be deported from the Nordic country, said the court.

The gruesome killing took place in June, with a trial getting under way at the end of last year.

The boy, who court documents said broke down in tears during police interrogations, told the court it had been carried out in self-defence.

He claimed the man had approached him on the street, dressed as a red-haired woman, and offered him clothes, food and a place to shower. After they arrived at the apartment he said the man had tried to rape him.

However, police managed to recover a video from the boy’s mobile, which showed him shouting and swearing at the man and insulting his sexuality. The victim was found by his partner with a shirt tied around his neck and a dead snake draped around his neck.

The boy’s DNA was found at the scene and under the victim’s finger nails.

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