MEDIA LIES: Falsely Claims Trump Ordered Black Students Kicked Out of Valdosta, Georgia Rally

The media committed another hit job on Donald Trump Monday evening, falsely reporting that he personally ordered a large group of Black students be removed from a campaign rally held at Valdosta State University in Georgia.

The rumor started with Des Moines Register reporter Jennifer Jacobs who reported–without verifying–on Twitter and then in a report for USA Today that a group of Black students were kicked out before the rally began on orders by Trump. Jacob’s false report was picked up by many outlets without verification.

It was only hours after smearing Trump that Jacobs reported a flat denial from the Trump campaign.

Jacobs reported the students were not protesting yet a video report with her article includes a Black student stating “we came to the rally today just to make a statement with our attire.” The student and her group were dressed in black.

Jacobs reported the students were standing as a group on the top row of a section of bleachers when they were removed.

Trump has an announced policy that protesters will be removed from his rallies.

USA Today lede by Jacobs:

VALDOSTA, Ga. — About 30 black students who were standing silently at the top of the bleachers at Donald Trump’s rally here Monday night were escorted out by Secret Service agents who said the presidential candidate had requested their removal before he began speaking.

The sight of the students, who were visibly upset, being led outside by law enforcement officials created a stir at a university that was a whites-only campus until 1963.

Note that there are no qualifiers, such as ‘students claim they were removed at Trump’s order’ or anything remotely close to ethical reporting.

Jacobs’ tweets on the story display the same lack of responsible reporting.

“BREAKING: About 30 Valdosta students kicked out of Trump rally. They say they were standing silently in bleachers.”

“The black Valdosta U students tell me they were standing silently in the bleachers when Secret Service told them Trump wanted them removed.”

“Tahjila Davis, 19, says she has never felt racism at Valdosta til now. “They said this is Trump’s property. I paid my tuition to be here.””

“Trump asks Secret Service to remove about 30 black students standing silently at top of bleachers at Valdosta rally. …”

“Trump had 1 group of ~30 black students removed before his remarks at Valdosta, but many other small groups remained, & caused no disruption”

“Valdosta State U was a whites-only campus until 1963. Black students not removed from Trump rally today protested him by sitting silently.”

“Valdosta’s Brooke Gladney, 22: “SecretService told us we had to get out…Only reason we were given is that Mr Trump did not want us there.””

“Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks says “the candidate” didn’t ask Valdosta students to leave, but not answering if campaign requested it.”

“Hope Hicks: “Campaign had no knowledge of this incident before being alerted to your false reporting.”
Suggesting Valdosta students lied?”

“Team Trump said media lied, “no truth to this whatsoever,” but video shows Trump security at Trump rally removed ~30 black silent protesters”

Jacobs false report was picked up by other media outlets and went viral on Twitter:

The Hill: Trump orders Secret Service to remove black students from rally

Gawker: Report: Donald Trump Requested That a Group of Black Students Be Removed From His Rally Before It Had Even Started

The Resurgent: Donald Trump Throws Out Black Students a Day After Not Denouncing the KKK

The Huffington Post: Black Students Removed From Trump Rally In Georgia

Video taken inside the rally shows a group of Black men and women giving the raised fist ‘Black Power’ salute and being kicked out.

More video as students are being removed:

“They were afraid of our presence. We were peaceful, yet powerful and unbreakable. A White Mans nightmare…”

Another attendee removed confirms they were there as a group and “wore all black to make a statement.”

Trump Valdosta Dariel Alexis

Image captured from a tweet since deleted.

Several commenters at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who claimed to have been at the rally and witnessed the behavior of the students contradicted what was reported by Jacobs.

they were ejected because they were trying to remove banners from the wall before trump even got on campus. Had NOTHING to do with race, but this being AJC its only about race.”

That’s a not true Jennifer…I was there and they went in a area that was off limits and was moved out… then they gave the black power hand fist and start the black lives matter… then they were removed for causing a problem. I noticed 5 or 6 returned later and was in stands but no problem after that. One white kid in middle of the crowd with about 10 minutes to go before being over started calling Trump names and was told to leave.

“The Valdosta Police and LCSO did a great job with the crowds and Trump fans… Super nice to everyone.”

I am at the event, they were booing, some even started up with the Black lives matter BS when they were being escorted out”

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