Erick Erickson Is Latest So-Called “Conservative” Who Vows to Not Vote for Trump – Support Democrats Instead (VIDEO)

How Conservative!
So-called conservative “leaders” are now going public on how they will not support Donald Trump if he is the nominee.

Erick Erickson is the latest “so called” conservative who would rather see a Socialist win in 2016 than support Donald Trump.
erickson trump

Erick says,

“I will not vote for Donald Trump EVER!”

He then went on to smear Trump and his positions while claiming at the same time to be a good evangelical Christian.

Erick Erickson bravely professed his disgust of Donald Trump tonight on The Kelly File.

If Megyn Kelly was half the journalist she pretends to be she would have asked him if he supports Bernie Sanders instead.

Here is Sarah Palin’s response to Glenn Beck when he made a similar statement.

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