Cameroon’s Fears over Jihadis Among Refugees Confirmed: Suicide Bombers Murder 19 in Market Attack

But, but, but… Borders, immigration reform, and national security are “Un-Christian!”

Cameroon has seen over 40 attacks by Boko Haram in recent months.
The country fears more attacks as refugees flood across its border with neighboring Nigeria.
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Around 44,000 refugees from Nigeria are residing at the Minawao camp in Cameroon.


On Friday suicide bombers targeted a market and school, killing at least 19 in northern Cameroon.
More than 100 victims are being treated at a hospital in Tokombere.
The Independent reported:

Two suicide bombers killed at least 19 people at a market in northern Cameroon on Friday.

Authorities said that two young men walked into a market disguised as food vendors in the town of Meme. The attackers then triggered their explosives, Far North Governor Midjiyawa Bakari told the Associated Press.

More than 100 victims were wounded and being treated at a nearby hospital in Tokombere.

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