BREAKING: Cruz Camp Dumps National Spokesman Rick Tyler (Video)

After a series of “dirty tricks” by the Cruz campaign – Senator Ted Cruz fired campaign spokesperson Rick Tyler today.
rick tyler
He always seemed a bit swarmy.

This comes after Tyler today apologized for spreading a false story reporting that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) made a nasty comment to a Cruz staffer about the Bible.
The Politico reported:

Ted Cruz said on Monday that he had asked for the resignation of national spokesman Rick Tyler on Monday, citing a “grave error of judgment.”

Cruz cited a social media posting from Tyler on Sunday publicizing a blog post misstating Marco Rubio’s remarks to a Cruz staffer in South Carolina.

The posting, from the Daily Pennsylvanian, which also posted a video, recounts how Rubio ran into Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, and a staffer in South Carolina on Saturday at a Hampton Inn. The news outlet reported that Rubio decided to “have some fun” with the staffer, who was reading the Bible, and suggested that the Bible did “[n]ot have many answers in it.”

Tyler posted the story on Facebook but later deleted it and apologized after a Cruz staffer said Rubio didn’t make any such comment.

But Cruz decided greater action was needed.

“Our campaign should not have sent it. That’s why I’ve asked for Rick Tyler’s resignation,” Cruz said about the social media posting about the Daily Pennsylvanian article.

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