Breaking: Fascist Student Mob Pulls Fire Alarm, Cuts Lights, TRAP STUDENTS INSIDE AUDITORIUM to Hear Ben Shapiro CSU-LA Speech

HUNDREDS of young fascists met Ben Shapiro tonight at his California State University Los Angeles campus speech.
The protesters shut off the lights in an attempt to shut down Shapiro’s speech.

The protesters harassed attendees, screamed profanities, pulled fire alarms, cut the lights and TRAPPED THE STUDENTS inside the auditorium.

The protesting mob does not want opposing views to be heard on campus.
The attendees needed police escort to enter the auditorium for Shapiro’s speech.
mob shapiro speech
Hundreds of protesters assembled outside the auditorium tonight.

Screaming leftists–

Twitchy has much more.

The protesters trapped the audience inside the auditorium tonight!
Here is Periscope video from inside the auditorium.

The speech was sponsored by Young America’s Foundation.

Attendees needed police escort to protect them from the leftist mob.
shapiro mob uc

A protester pulled the fire alarm to shut down the speech.

Reporter Adam Shapiro is attending the event and live-tweeting the insanity.

UPDATE: Young America’s Foundation released a statement following the leftist violence.

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