The Trend Continues=> Democrat Turnout Down 26% in 2016 Compared to 2008

After eight years of Obama – Republican turnout is breaking records across the country this year.

Democrat Party turnout has been light. That continued tonight in South Carolina.

In Iowa GOP turnout was up 57% and Democrat turnout was down 27% .
trunout iowa


GOP Turnout in South Carolina was up 71% on Saturday compared to 8 years ago.
gop sc

Democrat turnout on the same day in Nevada was down 32% on Saturday.

The trend continued in South Carolina on Saturday. Democrat turnout was weak as Hillary skunked Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Democrat turnout this year is down 26% compared to 2008.
The Daily Caller reported:

Democrats have seen a 26 percent decrease in the number of voters and caucusgoers who have showed up to the polls this year compared to 2008, when the party last had a competitive primary race.

Interestingly enough, that steep decline is the inverse of the spike in Republican turnout this cycle compared to 2012, when Mitt Romney earned the party’s nomination.

Clinton routed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in South Carolina on Saturday, winning 74 percent of the vote to Sanders’ 26 percent. While the huge margin of victory is good news for Clinton — polls had her winning, but more narrowly — the overall voter turnout must set off alarms for her campaign, as well as for the Democratic party. Whereas 532,000 South Carolina Democrats voted in 2008, only 367,000 showed up Saturday.

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