Top Dem Strategist, Neera Tanden: Democrats Should Be Worried About the Record GOP Turnout (VIDEO)

This week the Fox News Sunday Panel comprised of Karl Rove, Neera Tanden, Laura Ingraham, and Julie Pace, discuss Donald Trump vs. Pope Francis and the South Carolina primary results.

Neera Tanden is President of Center for the American Progress, a far left think tank created in 2003 by former Clinton Chief of Staff, John Podesta.

neera tanden

Tanden warned Democrats about the enthusiasm of Republican voters this year.


Neera Tanden: I do think the one thing going forward, really for both parties although there is differences in both parties, is that you look at the exit polls in South Carolina 53% of GOP voters are anti-establishment. They really feel betrayed by their party. So how a party produces a Marco Rubio, or a kind of traditional candidate, when you have that much anger at the GOP establishment, where they use the word, betrayed, is something we look at. There are factors like that in the Democrat Party its just not as high.

Chris Wallace: Could Donald Trump tap into that on both the Republican side and Democratic side, that ‘We’re just going to burn the whole place down and start over again?

Neera Tanden: He seems to be driving the numbers on the GOP side. I think people should recognize that there is higher numbers in turnout yesterday in South Carolina. That is something Democrats should be worried about… But he is transforming American politics. We can see how much that is actually going to mean.

Via FOX News Sunday:

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