Peaceful Migrants Bite, Stab, Beat and Rob Journalists Reporting on Calais Jungle Camp

calais camp
The Calais Jungle Camp in France

French journalist Arnaud Lespingal and his colleague were filming life at the Calais Jungle Camp in France.

But the filming was cut short when they were bitten, stabbed, robbed and beaten by the camp migrants.
reporter stabbed calais
Arnaud Lespingal suffered a nasty cut to his nose, bruises and needed 13 stitches after the beating.


His companion was not so lucky. The cameraman suffered two cracked ribs, a broken nose, a broken wrist and needed a dozen stitches. reported:

Rampaging refugees surrounded French reporter Arnaud Lespingal and his colleague, punching, biting and even trying to stab the pair in the face in a brutal and unprovoked attack.

The vicious migrants ambushed the journalists as they were filming in the notorious Jungle camp, beating them up before robbing them.

Reliving the horrific attack 6ft 3in, 18 stone Mr Lespingal said he had “never received so many blows in my life”.

He revealed that he had to have 13 stitches for injures including a nasty cut to his nose, with the migrants also breaking two of his fingers.

But things were even worse for his cameraman who was BITTEN by one of the attackers, who also gave him two cracked ribs, a broken nose, a broken wrist and left him needing a dozen stitches.

The pair were left battered and bruised in a pool of blood by the callous refugees, who fled after robbing them in broad daylight.

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