Obama’s Crackpot Spiritual Advisor Apologizes After Being Caught Up in Flag Flap

Sen. Barack Obama told the Chicago Sun-Times in 2004 that he had three spiritual advisers: radical Jeremiah Wright, radical James Meeks, and radical Father Michael Pfleger.

But, radical Father Pfleger was more than a spiritual guide for Obama.
They also ran shakedown protests together.

State Sen. Barack Obama and Fr. Michael Pfleger led a protest against the payday loan industry demanding the State of Illinois to regulate loan businesses in January 2000. (NBC 5 Week of January 3, 2000)

Obama’s spiritual mentor is under fire this week after flying the “Chi-Raq” race flag above the US flag at his parish St. Sabina.


WLS reported:

Father Michael Pfleger is apologizing after the “Chi-Raq” flag was briefly flying higher than the American flag outside his South Side church.

Pfleger says he decided two days ago to lower to American flag outside St. Sabina to half-staff to mark the violence in Chicago. But he forgot the “Chi-Raq” flag was still flying high.

He asked a maintenance worker to remove the flag Thursday morning, but not before receiving a number of angry phone calls and emails.

“Why didn’t I get tons of calls about violence? Why didn’t I get a number of emails about the horrible murders going on in Chicago? We’re more concerned about a position of a flag than bodies lying in our streets,” Pfleger said.

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