Liberal Crank Rick Ungar: Hispanics Cruz and Rubio are “Hated by Their Own People” (Video)

Republican strategist and political analyst Ford O’Connell and Rick Ungar – senior political contributor with and co-host of ‘Steele & Ungar’ on SiriusXM joined Steve Malzberg to discuss the Iowa Caucus results and news of the day.

ungar malzberg

Rick Ungar told Steve Malzberg Cruz and Rubio are hated by their own people.

Steve Malzberg: It is amazing to watch two old white people be the only candidates for the Democrats and you had, of the top four (GOP) finishers, you had two Hispanics and a black man as the top vote getters in Iowa for the Republicans but don’t tell the media that.

Rick Ungar: And two Hispanics, by the way, who are hated by their own people…

Steve Malzberg: Is a Hispanic is the nominee. They’re going to be very, very proud and you’re going to be very surprised on how his people come through for him.

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