Dr. Ben Carson Fundraises Off of Cruz Camp’s Dirty Tricks

Dr. Ben Carson is raising funds today following the dirty tricks played by the Cruz camp at last night’s Iowa caucuses.

Dr. Ben Carson accused the Cruz camp of foul play in the Iowa Caucuses on Monday.
Carson said the Cruz camp told voters Carson was dropping out and to support Ted Cruz.

Carson was right to be outraged…
The Cruz camp sent this out at 7:01 PM.
cruz rumor carson


Today the Carson campaign is fundraising off of the Cruz Camp’s dirty tricks.

Ben Carson finished close to 10% in Iowa yet he could have gained more support if a rival campaign wasn’t spreading false rumors at Iowa caucus sites. These tactics have no place in politics. Defend Dr. Carson from these dirty tricks and help him win in South Carolina!


Reports this morning show that rival campaign officials were knowingly spreading false rumors that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race. As voters heard from campaign officials before casting their vote last night many voters were being told “not to waste your vote on Carson, he is dropping out.”


…Cruz’s campaign deliberately sent emails to supporters to spread false rumors at caucus sites that Carson had dropped out, so his supporters would caucus for other candidates.

“That is really quite a dirty trick,” Carson said speaking to reporters at the end of the evening.

“To have campaigns come out and send emails to their caucus speakers suggesting that Dr. Carson was doing anything but moving forward after tonight is the lowest of low in American politics,” said Carson campaign manager Ed Brookover.

Ben Carson is more motivated than ever to continue his campaign for We The People and if his rivals want to try dirty tricks and lies then he will tackle those head on. Carson outperformed his poll numbers last night and could have done even better!

That’s why we are continuing to support his candidacy with voter outreach and advertising. We will spread Carson’s message throughout South Carolina where Carson hopes for a top finish in a few weeks. He is trailing by just a few points to Cruz and Rubio there.

Together we can make a difference as the campaign moves on. If you support a new politics without dirty tricks then please consider a contribution to help Carson! Your support will help us spread his message to more voters nationwide. He will unite this country and stand up for We The People!

You can donate to the Carson Campaign here.

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