Obama ‘Truth Team’: Global Warming Responsible for Powerful Blizzards

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There’s a sucker born every minute.
And a majority vote Democrat

So this was sent out Saturday by the Obama Truth Team.
truth team global warming

Global Warming is causing winter blizzards.
Of course, it is.
Via The Guardian:


Researchers say heavier storms of recent years such as current blizzard bearing down on US north-east carry imprints of climate change.

Winters may be getting shorter, but watch out when it does snow: climate change is super-charging storms like the blizzard engulfing the American north-east, scientists said on Monday.

The heavier storms of recent years – snowfalls that shut down cities and brought heavy flooding to coastal areas of New England – carried the imprints of climate change, as researchers get better at detecting the fingerprints of global warming, even from snow.

It was too soon to pin the current storm to climate change, but a trend line was emerging, the scientists said.

Remember: This nonsense is being pushed by the Obama ‘Truth Team.’
That should give you an idea how dishonest this group is.

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