Jeb Bush Defends National Review after Trump Hit Piece… Trump Hits Back (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush was the latest Republican presidential candidate to support National Review after its special anti-Trump edition was released Friday.

national review trump

Jeb says GOP never should have disinvited them from the February GOP Debate.

“National Review is a cherished conservative mouthpiece that’s been in existence for two generations. Uh, consistently conservative. And the fact that they would have all of these distinguished journalists and thought leaders from the conservative cause join together to say Donald Trump is not a conservative. They’re just telling the truth.”

Of course, Jeb is pro-amnesty, pro-Common Core and honored Hillary Clinton for her foreign policy record in 2013.


National Review won’t be able to defend him and bash Trump if they’re barred from the debate.

Donald Trump responded to Jeb’s latest comments.

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