Islamic Teen Slashes Jewish Teacher with Machete in France – While Citing ISIS

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A young Islamist in France slashed a Jewish teacher with a machete on Monday. The teen invoked the Islamic State and said he also planned on slashing police.
The AP reported:

A teenager armed with a machete slashed a Jewish teacher in southern France on Monday, invoking the Islamic State group and saying he had also planned to go after police, a French prosecutor said.

The 15-year-old Turkish Kurd was arrested soon after wordlessly attacking the teacher, who was injured in the outdoor attack in central Marseille, said Brice Robin, the Marseille prosecutor. The teen invoked Allah and the extremist group only after he was detained, saying “the Muslims of France dishonor Islam and the French army protects Jews.”

He attacked the teacher first from behind, slashing him in the shoulder, and then went after the man again as he tried to run away, Robin said.

The knife attack comes just days after a man armed with a butcher knife was shot to death after authorities said he went after police in central Paris. That man’s identity has not yet been confirmed but German authorities say he had lived at a shelter for asylum-seekers in the western city of Recklinghausen.

This comes after a similar knife attack in Paris by a Muslim refugee from a German shelter.

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