Figures. RUBIO DONOR Sky-Writes “Trump Is Disgusting” Over Rose Bowl

On Friday skywriters stole the show at the 127th Rose Parade in California on Friday, spelling out “Trump is disgusting” in the sky just as the last float left the gate.
CNN reporter Sara Sidner was giddy to report the story.

So GOP donors are now writing “Trump is disgusting” in the sky.
Now that’s DISGUSTING!

Now we know who paid for the stunt…
The man behind the anti-Trump sky-written message is a Rubio donor.
CBS News reported:


A millionaire real estate developer — who also happens to be a donor to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign – is behind the aerial messages at the Rose Bowl calling GOP front-runner Donald Trump “disgusting” and he says that there’s more to come. Much more.

“There’s no place for him,” said Stan Pate, from Alabama. “He needs to go back to one of his tall towers and build buildings and whatever else he does. He’s a despicable man.”

“I want to see America wake up and say this is not what we expect,” he added.

Those hosting a tailgate party at the Rose Bowl on New Years Day might have been surprised to look up to the sky and see messages blasting Trump. Multiple planes spewed cloud-like messages castigating the GOP front-runner, such as “AMERICA IS GREAT, TRUMP IS DISGUSTING. ANYBODY BUT TRUMP.” The messages quickly went viral on social media and created a buzz for those attending the 127th Rose Parade, the annual ritual on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California.

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