ANGRY LORRY DRIVER at Calais Jungle Camp: “I’ll Kill You C*cksucker!” (VIDEO)

An angry Hungarian driver uploaded his expletive-laden rants as he drove through Calais and was swarmed by illegal migrants.
calais crowd horde road
Hundreds of migrants swarmed the trucks as they drove by on the way to England.

At one point the migrants climbed on the truck and bent the driver’s mirror. That’s when the driver sped off and nearly hit several of the migrants on the side of the road.
calais camp truck

Here’s the video:
(Caution on language)


Breitbart reported on the video:

The unidentified big-rig driver has uploaded a remarkable 15-minute dashboard cam video (full clip below) of his drive to the port of Calais, which more resembles a journey through a warzone than a major conduit of international trade.

The clip shows his lorry being swarmed by migrants, which he shouts to as they bend his wing-mirrors back so he can’t see them trying to climb aboard. Aware that one migrant has climbed into the gap between the cab and the trailer, the driver shouts out of the window: “If you cut my pneumatic lines, I’ll kill you, you cocksucker. Get down off there!

“Don’t bend my mirror, you great poofter, you cocksucking moron, go fuck yourself… I need this mirror: Don’t bend my mirror! Get the fuck out of here and back into your father’s ballsack!”

As another lorry ploughs through the crowd while blasting its horn, the driver picks up speed.

Hurling insults at migrants as he drives, the Hungarian man swings the truck into the hard shoulder in the direction of migrants, before pulling it back into the road, not hitting anyone. The migrants return the favour by pelting the lorry with glass bottles.

Aiming the lorry for the migrant group, the driver screams in Hungarian: “Come here, with your fucking whore mothers, I’ll drive right through the lot of you!

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