Middle Eastern “Refugees” Gang-Rape Woman in Helsinki

The suspected crime took place in Helsinki in the vicinity of the main train station in November. (ILPO LUKUS)

Helsinki police arrested four migrants for aggravated gang-rape in Helsinki.
The four Middle Eastern men came to Finland as asylum seekers.
Xinhua.net reported, via Tundra Tabloids:

The Helsinki District Court has arrested four foreigners on suspicion of aggravated gang rape, reported Finnish daily Iltalehti on Monday.

The court detained the suspects over last weekend, said the daily.

According to information obtained by Iltalehti, the four alleged were originally from the Middle East, and at least three of them came to Finland as asylum seekers.

Three of the detainees were born in 1992, and the fourth was born in 1977.

The alleged crime took place in the vicinity of the Central Railway Station in downtown Helsinki at the night of November 1 last year. The victim was a young woman.

The Finnish police have so far been very reticent on the details of the case.

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