MUSLIM ACTIVIST Demands Sharia – Wants Muslim Jedi in Next ‘Star Wars’ Flick

Muslim activist Haroon Moghul wants Hollywood to include a Muslim jedi fighter in next Star Wars flick out of respect for Islam. Moghul says the positive Muslim jedi character will help battle rampant Islamophobia in the West.
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You’d think Muslim activists would be more concerned about the mass beheadings, sexual abuse and rape in the name of Islam. Instead, this clown wants to force Hollywood to bow to Sharia – and odds are they will take him up on it.

Haroon Moghul wants a Muslim jedi in Star Wars–


BizPac Review reported:

Muslim activist and author Haroon Moghul thinks it’s time for Muslims to be represented in outer space.

At least in the world of Hollywood fantasies.

Moghul, who wrote an open letter to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director JJ Abrams for the Washington Post in December that caught the attention of PBS.

In it he declared a Muslim character in Star Wars, namely a Jedi hero, could be used to fight Islamophobia.

This should be a joyous time for me, with the release of both the new “Star Trek Beyond” trailer, and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Had you asked me about this a few months ago, I would’ve told you so much happiness in so few days should be banned. But that was before Paris, San Bernardino, before leading presidential candidates began actually talking about people like me being banned. The national climate for Muslims is uglier than I can recall. I’m legitimately afraid folks dressed up as Jedis at the premiere might be confused for Muslims, and attacked.

That’s where we are right now.

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