IL Conservative Files Motion to Remove Ted Cruz from State Ballot

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An Illinois conservative, and supporter of Dr. Ben Carson, filed a motion Friday to have Ted Cruz’s name removed from the state primary ballot. Cruz was born in Canada.
World Net Daily reported:

A Republican attorney in Illinois, a supporter of Ben Carson, on Friday filed a motion with the Illinois State Board of Elections to have Sen. Ted Cruz’s name removed from the official Republican primary ballot for the Illinois GOP presidential primary set for March 15…

Under the circumstances of a nominee withdrawing, he said, GOP party bosses could make a replacement choice that Joyce would find objectionable, including the possibility of nominating Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Chris Christie or Rep. Paul Ryan, all of whom Joyce named as likely Cruz replacements in this scenario…

Sen. Ted Cruz was born in Canada,” Joyce said in a press statement. “He has been a U.S. citizen since birth, but that was by statute. The Constitution requires one to be a ‘natural born’ citizen in order to be president. And the governing case law of the U.S. Supreme Court and the whole history of the law points to the conclusion that Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen.

“What is worse,” Joyce continued, “is that Sen. Cruz has known about this problem for a long time now. Yet he has not even made any effort to clarify this in any formal setting, though he could have at least done that.

“Sen. Cruz has been whistling past the graveyard all along,” Joyce’s statement continued. “That he should happen to do so within the thoughts of his own mind would be one thing, but that he should now drag the entire Republican Party through a potential nightmare simply because of his negligence, his own private, wishful thinking and his lack of due diligence is inexcusable.”

Joyce’s motion was filed on Friday with James Tenuto, assistant executive director of the Illinois State Board of Elections.

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