‘My Voice Will Be Heard!’ ‘Livid’ Trump Supporter Goes Off on GOP, National Review in Viral Video Rant

A furious backlash is building against the full-on attack by some conservative leaders led by the National Review on leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

A woman in southern California who supports Trump posted a video overnight that has captured the mood of many Trump supporters fed up with being lectured and condescended to about what it means to be “conservative.”

Kambree Nelson Twitter Avatar
Kambree Nelson, image via Twitter.

Kambree Nelson, a businesswoman dedicated to supporting veterans and helping the homeless, recorded the 10:48 stream of consciousness rant after watching the Kelly File on Fox News feature guests from the National Review hit team against Trump trash her candidate–and by extension his supporters.

Nelson titled the video “I am LIVID at the GOP”. Speaking about the video on her Twitter account, Nelson called herself “one ANGRY American.”

I’m one ANGRY American My voice will be heard!

Nelson says in the beginning of the video:

“…I am one of the noisy majority and I am one of the people that is voting for Donald Trump. And guess what GOP, and guess what Tea Party, I am a conservative.

“And what you guys said up there tonight was completely offensive to me. I never knew that there was a handbook that we had to abide by to be considered conservative to vote in this next election. Do I have to come to a tea party to be able to be considered considerate–and to be conservative.

“It was astonishing to me tonight. Why are we having these elections if the election has to be based upon what you guys say? Who is voting, you or the People voting?…”

H/t Jim Spivey and Conservative Treehouse.

Nelson is set to be a host on the upcoming Veterans TV Network in June.

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