OUCH! Charles Hurt: I Don’t Think Most Trump Supporters Are Reading the National Review (VIDEO)

National Review, a semi-monthly conservative magazine based in New York City, published a special edition to be released on Friday bashing GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

22 conservatives contributed to this special anti-Trump manifesto.
anti trump national review

The magazine will be read by all of the Republican elite subscribers.


Tonight Charles Hurt and Roger Stone defended Trump against this inter-party slapfight.

Charles Hurt had the best line.

‘Megyn, I don’r really see how it’s going to be all that effective because most of the people out there supporting Donald Trump so jubilantly right now are not reading The National Review, sorry to say. Nor are they reading the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

He’s right!
Trump has captured the Middle Class vote – the working men and women in America.
And they really don’t care what Bill Kristol or Rich Lowry have to say about Donald Trump.

Via The Kelly File:

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