Militant Muslim Youths Storm Church Service in Germany Screaming “Sh*tty Christians”

german chruch

Muslim youths ran through a German church on Christmas Eve shouting “Sh*tty Christians!” and other expletives.
Pamela Geller reported:

“Sh*tty Christians”: Belligerent Muslim youths storm a Christmas service at a Church in Mönchengladbach

»Scheiß Christen«: Randalierende Muslime stürmen in Mönchengladbach eine Kirche – Kopp Online

Only one of the youths was even 14 years old, the other 5 were just young children. Nonetheless, they behaved like adult radical extremists. The young Muslims stormed the Rheydter Marien Church in Mönchengladbach on Christmas Eve. They interrupted the manger festival by running through the halls during the service, all the while yelling and cursing at churchgoers saying, “Shitty Christians!” And what happened after that? Not much beyond a small article in a local paper.

Imagine it were the other way around: wild Christian children storming into a mosque and abusing praying Muslims! 50 minutes later there would have been an emergency news break during the daily television programming…special edition pages in FAZ and the Süddeutsche Zeitung would have gone to press.

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