Terror Expert: UK Under Threat of Boxing Day Attack By Islamic Extremists

A British terror expert says the United Kingdom is under a threat of a terror attack on Boxing Day as people are out shopping for after Christmas bargains.

ISIS issued a warning in November that Britain would be the next terror target.
isis fighters

Express.co reported:


With the day after Christmas set to draw thousands out of their turkey-filled stupor onto the UK’s high streets, fears have been raised over crazed jihadis taking out a Paris-style attack.

A terror expert has warned Christian-hating ISIS – also called Daesh – supporters could be plotting to use the festive day to send out a devastating message.

It comes as MI5 has put the UK terror threat from international terrorism at severe, meaning an attack is highly likely.

Will Geddes, head of global security firm International Corporate Protection, believes the ever-increasing cuts to Britain’s security services are putting Britons even more at risk of an attack – and Boxing Day would provide the ideal situation for the terrorists.

Mr Geddes said: “I don’t think Christmas Day will be a target for ISIS, even though it’s a Christian holiday, because there won’t be big crowds which is what they want for maximum impact.

“But Boxing Day could be as lots of people will be out for the sales in cities across the UK, all gathered in big crowds.”

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