Tantaros: More Americans Support Donald Trump than Polls Are Showing (VIDEO)

FOX News contributor Andrea Tantaros told the Outnumbered panel today that many, many more Americans support Donald Trump than the polls are showing.
tantaros trump

Andrea Tantaros: This polling is big. And Cat, you’re right. People don’t answer polling honestly. You call and say, “Hi, is this Sandra Smith? At this address or telephone number? Hi, do you agree with Donald Trump wanting to ban Muslims?” What are you going to say? Most people wouldn’t say yes. Especially now when the administration said they’re going to come after people for anti-Muslim rhetoric. So they’re not answering that question honestly. I bet that number is a lot higher. And I think more people support Trump than they’re willing to admit.

Sandra Smith: OK, I’ll ask you the question that people are asking themselves, in restaurants and bars and coffee houses across America, Will he win the primary and, if so, will he beat Hillary Clinton?

Andrea Tantaros: Yes, he could. It’s very real. No one thought he could get this far. His numbers are not moving and no one is really able to take him on and take that number one slot.

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