Marine Le Pen Creates Firestorm in France After Posting Photos of ISIS Atrocities on Twitter

Earlier this week French radio host Jean Jacque Bourdin compared the conservative National Front Party to ISIS during a live broadcast.

Today National Front Leader Marine Le Pen responded to the outlandish attack by the unhinged leftist. Le Pen posted real ISIS atrocities to make her point.

Le Pen wrote (translated): “The parallel made ​​this morning by @JJBourdin_RMC between #Daesh and #FN is an unacceptable skid. He must withdraw his filthy comments! MLP”


Then Le Pen posted these tweets of ISIS atrocities to make her point.

And Le Pen also posted a photo of American James Foley after his beheading.

Leftists immediately attacked Le Pen – not the filthy leftist Bourdin who compared his political opponents to ISIS.
Here are a few of the comments (translated)

— What indecency and lack of respect for the victims!
— Truth is Daesh would welcome victory by the FN
— Photos of the Holocaust

For some people the truth is hard to swallow.

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