Liberty University Prez Jerry Falwell Jr Lashes Out at Hillary=> Deplorable “Liar” (Video)

falwell liar hillary

Jerry Falwell Jr. called out Hillary Clinton Monday night for taking lying about his comments on conceal-carry at Liberty University.

On Sunday Hillary Clinton attacked Falwell saying his comments were deplorable.

“This is…not only hateful response to a legitimate security issue, but it is giving aid and comfort to Isis and other radical jihadists.

With respect to the gun issue, it’s legal to buy a gun in America. If you are eligible to buy a gun, you can go buy a gun – and hundreds of thousands of people apparently are in the aftermath of what happened in San Bernardino.”

Tonight Jerry Falwell Jr. responded to Hillary’s attack calling her a “liar”, which she is, for taking his words out of context.


I’ll tell you what’s deplorable. Hillary’s a liar. That’s not what I said. I went on to say ‘those Muslims” referring specifically to those part of my comments to the community center incident in California.”

Via Hannity:

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