Israeli Officials Intercept Shipment of Islamic Terror Dolls Heading to West Bank

It’s for the kids – Islamic Terror Dolls
terrror doll
Israeli officials intercepted a shipment of 4,000 Islamic terror dolls heading to the West Bank.

terror dolls
The dolls include Palestinian keffiyeh scarves and the words, “Jerusalem is ours.”

Israel National News reported:


Haifa customs staff seized 4,000 dolls encouraging terrorism against Israelis Tuesday, in yet another revelation about Palestinian Arab incitement against Israel amongst the youngest Palestinians.

Each doll bore the words ‘Jerusalem is ours’ and ‘Jerusalem, we are coming!’; Palestinian Authority (PA) colors; a keffiyeh; and a rock in its hand.

The dolls were seized containers were imported to Israel from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and were en route to the Palestinian Authority.

Also in the containers were various undeclared items and even weapons-making equipment, such as light bulbs (which rioters often fill with paint, nails or incendiary liquid to throw at security forces) and army boots. According to an importer’s declaration, the containers were supposed to contain clothing, carpets and plastic products.

“The customs department continues its daily work in preventing smuggling into Israel with an emphasis on smuggling weapons and preventing the infiltration of inciting material – especially in this climate,” Haifa Customs director Coby Yahav stated.

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