Hot and Bothered Muslim Inmates Sue Pamela Geller For Her Polka Dot Bikini

Hot and bothered Muslim inmates in Michigan have sued Pamela Geller for her polka dot bikini.
pamela geller bikini

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My lawyer, David Yerushalmi of the American Freedom Law Center, recently apprised me of this lawsuit that had been filed against me by Muslim prisoners in Michigan. It’s paranoid, outrageous, silly and laughable — and yet it’s a legitimate lawsuit.

The only reason it was dismissed was because the “plaintiffs” didn’t submit the filing fee or the correct form. As funny as it is, it does speak to the supremacist tendencies of their thinking, and the kneejerk tendency among Muslims in the U.S. and other Western countries to claim victim status, even as they’re victimizing non-Muslims.

Muslim prisoners in Michigan filed a lawsuit against Pamela Geller for “wearing a Poke a Dot Bikini In Front of our eyes. We are offended.” They demanded their freedom claiming their civil rights were violated. This Islamic supremacism is one and the same shared by the Muslim shooters at our free speech event in Garland, at the Christmas party in San Bernardino, the Paris concert hall, the jihad against Israel, the 9/11 terror attacks, and on and on. Same motive, same piety.

David Yerushalmi told me that I had been sued by one or possibly two Muslims apparently who appear to be guests of the Michigan Correctional Hotel and Spa. “They sued you because, inter alia, you wear a bikini to distract them…the court dismissed the complaint on its own because plaintiff(s) failed to file the requisite filing fee or file the correct form to have the fee waived.”

Read this thing – What nonsense:
“Pamela Geller hates Muslims. Pamela Geller serves pork to Muslim inmates. Pamela Geller writes cartoons in our Koran.”
geller bikini


Just wait til they see her bikini vlogging:
bikini vlog geller

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