Texas High School Holds “UNITY RALLY” …For Black Students Only

Guest post by Aleister

Whitey not allowed.
ABC report unity meeting

Nothing says unity like restricting people by race, right?
You have to wonder what’s going on in some American schools these days. How did they think this would be perceived?

Texas high school holds “unity rally” but not for white kids.

ABC News in Houston reports.

Black-Only Meeting of Klein Students Stirs Segregation Concerns

Parents from one local high school now say school officials are stirring up problems where there aren’t any.

This morning, Klein Oak High School held what it called a Unity meeting. Some parents say they’re upset because only African-American students were allowed to attend.

“I asked my child not to attend the meeting,” said parent Latanya Rhodes.

Rhodes is not happy that Klein Oaks would hold a Unity meeting solely for African-American students, a meeting she knew nothing about until our reports this morning.

“I went on to Channel 13, watched the video that they had and then I had some concerns from there,” said Rhodes.

Rhodes says she’s upset because parents did not know about the meeting and were not allowed to attend once they showed up to the school this morning.

Rhodes says she’s never heard of racial problems at the school and administrators were not forthcoming about the content of the Unity meeting.

Opal Davis was initially upset too but did attend the meeting and has changed her mind.

“They want to make sure that the students are not being ignored and that they do have a voice and that they do have opportunities here to take advantage of,” said Davis.

What would happen if the roles were reversed?

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