Police Seize Shipment of 847 Shotguns Moving to Belgium from Turkey

European authorities intercepted a shipment of pump-action shotguns on its way to Belgium.
trieste shotguns

The 847 Turkish-made Winchester shotguns worth about €500,000 were on their way to Belgium.

Express.co reported, via Religion of Peace:


GUNS used by the Islamic State extremists who carried out the Paris massacre could have come from a German arms dealer, it has emerged.

Gunmen brandishing Kalashnikovs left the French capital devastated after opening fire on concert-goers and diners in a rampage that left 130 dead and more than 300 injured.

Now police in Germany are investigating whether the weapons were bought from an underground arms dealer trading on the “dark web” which does not show up on internet searches.

The German news channel N-TV says the dealer is a 34-year-old man from Magstadt, a town in Germany’s Baden-Wuttemberg state.

He is reported to have attracted the attention of authorities over illegal arms sales earlier this year and was arrested on Monday.

Police seized his phone and are believed to have found a reference to the sale of four Kalishnikov rifles to “Arabs in Paris”, N-TV reported.

News of the arrest comes after police seized a shipment of 800 shotguns moving from Turkey to Belgium, two countries linked to recent Islamic State-inspired terror plots, sparking fears weapons are continuing to be smuggled across Europe.

A huge manhunt is continuing in Belgium to find several terrorists who are linked to co-ordinated shootings and bombings in Paris earlier this month.

The shipment of 781 Winchester SXP pump-action shotguns – described as the fastest pump-action rifles on the market – was intercepted in the northeastern city of Trieste, close to the border with Slovenia.

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