Mizzou Alum Michael Sam Announces Support for Campus Race Protesters

michael sam selfie
Former Mizzou standout Michael Sam made headlines when he came out as gay before the NFL draft in 2014.

Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigned this morning amid campus race protests.

Several Mizzou black athletes announced late Saturday they would boycott all future football games until President Tim Wolfe resigns.
They were upset about the way the school’s president has handled racial incidents on campus and that he defunded Planned Parenthood.


Former Mizzou Defensive End Michael Sam threw his support behind the boycotting football protesters on campus.

Sports Illustrated reported:

Former University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam offered support on Monday for the group of football players who have gone on strike in protest of state university system president Tim Wolfe.

“Today was just one more step forward, that it’s true we can still come together in any circumstance,” Sam told reporters on Monday. “People forget the power of sports. This is just one step. This is just another thing that sports can do.”

Wolfe announced his resignation on Monday morning. He had been the subject of criticism for his handling of several racially charged incidents on campus. Students, the football team and Missouri lawmakers are among those who have called for Wolfe to resign or be fired.

On Saturday, a group of black Missouri players announced that they would not be taking part in any football–related activities until Wolfe resigned or was fired from his position as president of the university. In a statement released by Missouri’s Legion of Black Collegians, Wolfe’s “negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences” is cited as as the reasoning behind the protest.

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