FIRST PHOTO of Crazy Killer Robert Dear’s Dilapidated Trailer in Hartsel, Colorado

Police detained nutcase shooter Robert Lewis Dear at a Planned Parenthood building Friday evening after going on an afternoon shooting spree that left three people dead including a pro-life police officer.

robert lewis dear

Robert Lewis Dear has reportedly been been cooperating with investigators since he was arrested. But throughout the interrogation, sources said Dear has been behaving erratically.

North Carolina neighbors of Dear say he was quiet and when he did speak, he didn’t appeared to be all there. Neighbors also say he didn’t talk about religion or abortion.


His South Carolina neighbors say he hid food in the woods and liked to skinny dip.

Robert Dear has a history of lewd acts and violence.

He lived in a fenced in trailer in Hartsel, Colorado.
dear trailer

More photos here.

Robert Lewis Dear was not part of pro-life group that rallied outside Springs clinic.

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