Even Dearborn Immigrants Wary of Syrian Refugees: “We Don’t Need No More Troubles”

Earlier Arab immigrants in Dearborn, Michigan are wary of Syrian refugees coming to their community.
“We don’t need no more troubles, you know?”

Dearborn, Michigan is the eighth largest city in Michigan and home of Henry Ford. 42% of the population today is of Arab ancestry.

** This comes after ISIS Paris terrorists, including the Islamist ringleader, entered Europe as refugees.


NBC News reported:

They’re not rolling out the welcome wagon for the Syrian refugees in the Arab immigrant enclave of Dearborn, Michigan.

And some longtime residents told NBC News they even agree with Gov. Rick Snyder’s decision to suspend efforts to bring the long-suffering Syrians to his state after last week’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

“We don’t need no more troubles, you know?” said Hicham Dawil, who immigrated to the U.S. three decades ago. “I feel bad for the people. On the other hand, look what’s happening in France. This is crazy, you know. It’s just evil.”

Dawil, a father of five college-aged kids all born here who runs his own heating and cooling business, said the ISIS attacks turned his stomach and the fallout affects him as an Arab immigrant.

“We just cannot afford being looked at like, ‘Oh, well, you are one of them,'” he said. “Let’s say I walk into a lounge … I can see people look at me.”

So Dawil supports Snyder’s move “100 percent.”

Ali Berry, whose roots are in Lebanon, also backs Snyder’s ban.

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