CHICAGO POLICE: 9 Year-Old Boy Was Targeted and Murdered in Alley By Rival Gang

Black Children Matter, too.
Tyshawn Lee

As reported earlier this week — A 9-year-old Chicago boy was shot multiple times in an alley in the Gresham neighborhood on the city’s south east side last weekend.

It was the latest black on black murder in Chicago.
chicago child


According to initial reports, the child was on his way to play basketball in a nearby park.

St. Sabinas Father Pfleger is offering up a $6,000 dollar reward to find the killer or killers.

Maggio News reported:

Now this…
The 9 year-old boy was lured to the alley and murdered by a rival gang.
Buzzfeed reported:

Chicago police now believe a 9-year-old boy who was shot dead earlier this week was lured to an alleyway where he was targeted as part of ongoing gang-related violence gripping the city.

Tyshawn Lee was found Monday with multiple gunshots to his upper body, shocking a city that has grown accustomed to street-gang violence.

“At this point, we believe that Tyshawn was targeted, lured to this spot and murdered,” Supt. Garry McCarthy said during a news conference Thursday. “We believe that this is the most recent in a series of gang-related, violent events.”

McCarthy added that investigators believe Tyshawn’s father, Pierre Stokes, has ties to a gang that is “in conflict with another gang.” Stokes, however, is not cooperating with the ongoing investigation into those ties, McCarthy said.

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