Armed Protesters Rally Outside Texas Mosque

A group of about a dozen armed men and women held a peaceful protest outside the Islamic Center in Irving, Texas Saturday afternoon. One protester held a ‘Ted Cruz for president’ sign.

The mosque was protected by police.

“Armed Demonstration in front of the Islamic Center of Irving focused on stopping “Islamization of America””


A statement from the mosque posted to Facebook advised Muslims to not engage the protesters.

“**NOTICE TO Irving/Islamic Center of Irving COMMUNITY** –

Tonight the announcement was made that the Irving Police Department informed the mosque that a group called “BEAR’ will hold an armed protest at ICI tomorrow between 2 – 4 pm. 15-20 of their members are expected in attendance. As mentioned, they will be armed and may also carry signs, the nature of which are unknown at this time.

The ICI administration has asked that the community first and foremost remain calm through the entire event, and NOT TO ENGAGE THE PROTESTERS AT ALL.

Also since there are many children at ICI up until 2 pm and for sometime after, to please watch your children (this might also be a teaching moment for your child prior to you leaving for the mosque to inform them of the Prophetic way of dealing with these types of incidents).

In addition, those that usually walk to the mosque from their homes for prayers are encouraged to drive in to the mosque instead.

InshaAllah, everything will be okay, we will continue with our activities as usual. We just must make dua and remain strong and vigilant. JazakaAllahu Khair.

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Local reporters posted updates on the protest via Twitter.

“armed protestors at Irving Islamic Center, protesting the rumored “shariah court” here they read about online.”

“Heavy presence by Irving PD, watching demonstration from Islamic Center’s parking lot”

“Demonstrators call themselves the “Anti-CAIR”. (Council on American-Islamic Relations)”

“Group says drivers have yelled at them even given them the middle finger but they still proudly support their stance”

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