Amazing! CHER Speaks Out on EU Muslim Invasion – Blasts Merkel: “Have Many EU Friends, None Feel Safe”

Music and movie icon Cher spoke out on her verified Twitter account about the Great Muslim Migration of 2015, expressing concerns about the visa waiver program making it easy for ISIS fighters to travel to the U.S. and kill Americans. Cher also relayed the fears of her friends in European Union nations, saying in Twitter shorthand, ‘None feel safe. Too many young Muslim men.”

“VISA WAIVER NOT SAFE 4🇺🇸 We r At War W/ppl Who Want 2 Come 2🇺🇸& Kill 🇺🇸’ns,WHY Make It EASY⁉️Also,If Ppl Go 2 ISIS 2🔪💣💥LET THEM STAY W/ISIS”


EMOJI Translation: “Visa waiver not safe for Americans. We are at war with people who want to come to America and kill Americans. Why make it easy? Also, if people go to ISIS to fight for them let them stay with ISIS”

A woman responded to Cher with concerns about Berlin.

“@cher couldn’t agree more,flyin to Berlin 2moro and I’m nervous.Lots of unrest in the city.Merkel has destroyed europe🇮🇪☘”

Cher replied:

“@molryan Believe she Strong 💪’d EU & HER PPL,W/Out Proper Vetting.Have MANY Germ,Austrian,EU Friends& NONE Feel Safe.2MANY YUNG MUSLIM👬👬👬MEN”

EMOJI Translation: “Believe she strong armed EU and her people, without proper vetting. Have many German, Austrian EU friends and none feel safe. Too many young Muslim men.”

Cher’s concerns about the visa waiver program are confirmed by officials, according to a Reuters report about the Obama administration taking steps in the wake of the Paris terror attack this month:

“U.S. officials have quietly acknowledged that they are far more worried about the possibility that would-be attackers from the Islamic State or other militant groups could enter the United States as travelers from visa waiver countries rather than as Syrian refugees.

The U.S. government routinely takes 18 to 24 months to screen would-be Syrian refugees before they are allowed to board flights to the United States.

In contrast, an estimated 20 million people fly to the United States each year from visa waiver countries such as France and Britain.

Officials have acknowledged that a European traveling to Syria to train with a group like Islamic State might be able to later enter the United States without significant scrutiny, if they are not already known to U.S. intelligence or partners such as Britain’s domestic intelligence agency MI5 or France’s DGSI.”

Images of Cher’s tweets in case she is pressured to take them down.

Cher Twitter Visa Waiver


Cher Twitter Too Many Young Muslim Men

Cher’s accomplishments in music and film summarized at Wikipedia.

“Cher has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, a special CFDA Fashion Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and a Cannes Film Festival Award, among several other honors. Throughout her career, she has sold 200 million records worldwide. She is the only artist to date to have a number-one single on a Billboard chart in each decade from the 1960s to the 2010s. Outside of her music and acting, she is noted for her political views, philanthropic endeavors and activism for LGBT rights.”

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