VIDEO=> Massive Crowd of 40,000 Turn Out to See Tommy Robinson Address Pegida Rally in Dresden

40,000 Germans turned out on Monday in Dresden to rally against the migrant invasion of Europe.
migrant rally germany pegida
Supporters of the anti-refugee Pegida movement gather at Theaterplatz square to honour the movement’s first anniversary. The movement has rapidly expanded since September, when Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the country’s borders to refugees. (Daily Mail)

English Defense League founder Tommy Robinson was guest speaker at the Pegida rally on Monday.
Robinson spoke out in defense of Western civilization.

“Europe is in a crossroads the likes we have not seen since the Crusades… Such threats face us again. Muslim invasion threatened us several times during the Crusades. European civilization is the envy of the world. We must learn from the past in order to face the future. We must look back at the battles to save Europe from Islam.”

The audience applauded loudly when Robinson defended Israel.


This was a powerful speech by Tommy Robinson.

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