MIGRANTS STORM TERMINAL – Shut Down EuroTunnel for 4 Hours

Authorities shut down the Eurotunnel on Tuesday after hundreds of migrants stormed the terminal in France.
The Channel Tunnel was closed for four hours.

The Telegraph reported:

Cross-Channel travellers from Britain have been hit with long delays after hundreds of migrants stormed the terminal and platforms in France.

Eurotunnel was forced to suspend services in both directions on Monday morning, forcing passengers to wait for almost four hours in Kent.

The “mass intrusion” overnight led the Channel Tunnel operator to halt services from Folkestone to Coquelles, in northern France, for several hours.

Migrants were said to be using diversionary tactics to occupy police so others were free to make a bid to cross into the UK.

A Eurotunnel spokesman said: “They are coming in waves to occupy the police, then another wave comes, then another, until there is no more police. One group is then able to get through.

“Then we have to take over and sweep through the terminal and clear them all from the tracks and the platform.”

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