UPDATE: #BlackLivesMatter Activist Shot Trooper Dead After Cop Tried to Help Him Get Hotel Room

Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder was gunned down Monday in Kentucky by Black Lives Matter activist.

The suspect Joseph Johhson-Shanks fled the scene on foot and later died after his capture.

Johnson-Shanks was from Florissant, Missouri outside of Ferguson.
black lives matter killer johnson shanks


Joseph Johnson Shanks was an Obama supporter, a Black Lives Matter activist and attended Mike Brown’s funeral in Ferguson.
The Daily Caller reported:

A Missouri man who shot and killed a Kentucky state trooper during a traffic stop Sunday was an apparent Black Lives Matter sympathizer who protested in the days after the shooting death of Michael Brown last year and attended the 18-year-old’s funeral, social media posts show…

…A Facebook account that appears to belong to Johnson-Shanks shows that he took part in the protests that followed the shooting. Pictures show him adopting the “hands up, don’t shoot” pose which became the rallying cry following the shooting.

Johnson-Shanks also attended Brown’s burial and a memorial service at which Al Sharpton spoke.

Now this…
Trooper Cameron was trying to help Johnson-Shanks and get him a hotel room.
CNN reported:

Ponder didn’t tell dispatchers the reason for the traffic stop. But when he learned that the 25-year-old Johnson-Shanks’ license had been suspended, he contacted a local deputy to arrange for a hotel room so he didn’t have to take the driver back to jail, Thomas said.

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