Unintended Consequences of Obama Foreign Policy=> Dead Syrian Child Washes Up on Turkey Beach

Today a dead migrant child washed up on shore in Turkey.

He was the latest victim of Middle East violence.
Today from Iraq, to Syria, to Lebanon, to Egypt to Libya there is turmoil.
This is the result of a failed foreign policy.

The Obama doctrine – build a Caliphate in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya.
Withdraw American influence and protection.

The result?
In just 4 years half of Syria’s population has been killed, displaced or fled the country.
syrian refugees map

800,000 refugees and migrants are expected in Germany this year in a country of 80 million.

This is the largest influx of migrants in Germany’s history.

So far this year 230,000 migrants have arrived in Greece and nearly 115,000 in Italy. About 2,100 arrived in Spain.

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